Industrial marking and labelling solutions

We provide permanent, reliable industrial marking solutions for over 20 years - offering a complete line of marking solutions:

- inkjet printing systems
- laser coding systems
- label printers and labelling systems
- foil printers (Thermal Transfer Overprinting Systems)

With our Marking and Engraving Equipment
you can mark or engrave your products and packages during the manufacturing process with bar codes, lot codes, date stamps, graphics, labels, and other information.



We sell our marking and labelling systems
mainly to companies based in Switzerland.
Clients from abroad please contact
our suppliers.

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Your Swiss partner for all kinds
of product and package coding solutions.


Product range


1. Inkjet printing systems

    Inkjet-Drucker für Industrie
    - large and small characters inkjets
    - high resolution inkjets

  Accessorial services offered



     Stapel-zu-Stapel-Druck Easy-Feeder

     Our speciality is the automatisation and integration
     of our inkjet, laser and labelling systems in the
     production and packaging lines with the appropriate
     software and control systems, conveyor, handling
     devices, bar code and datamatrix code readers,
     sensor camera, IQ/OQ Documentation ...

     ... all you need for reliable, customised and
     automated system solutions made by your marking
     specialists in Switzerland.


2. Laser marking systems

     Flymark laser CO2 and Linemark laser NdYAG
Flymark laser CO2 and Linemark NdYAG 





  Sales advisory service
  and technical service

      Verkaufsleiter, Stv. Geschäftsführer

     We also like comlex projects.

     Product specifications needed:

     - material: paper, cardboard, folding cartons, plastic,
        foils, blister, metal, glass, wood, labels, ...
     - printing or marking width
     - maximum cycle rate
     - colour

     Please call us for all kind of marking projects
     in Switzerland.


3. Labelling systes


  label dispensers


  - complex labelling solutions with automation
  - label printers (intermec and cab)



  Contract manufacturing

     In-house contract marking and labelling on your
     packaging or products - a special SIGTECH service
     for clients from Switzerland.






  SIGTECH AG, Switzerland

   Marking and labelling systems with automation

   SIGTECH AG is an industry leader in Switzerland in
   providing permanent, reliable industrial marking
   solutions since 1996.





and more ... 




1. Stencils technique



     All kind of stencil articles included Stencil-cutting
     plotter and Hand Operated Stencil Machines.





2. Thermal Transfer

     Thermal Transfer Overprinting Systems - Easyprint - compact 32D

     High speed Easyprint-printer on plastic
     films or adhesive labels







3. Hot foil stamping machines

     Kabelbeschriftung - Lösungen

    KBA-Metronic has launched a new generation
    of hot foil stamping machines that we are selling
    in Switzerland - nano and vario